FTC Training Facilities

Training is one of the most effective ways of developing human resources changes attitudes widens their perceptions and develops values. Operating a large integrated development in Bangladesh for over 30 years, SDI is one of the most experienced and highly respected NGOs in the country which bulid FTC with collaboration of Embassy of Japan. FTC offers training for its own staff, group leaders and members, volunteers and staff of other development agencies, NGOs.The objective of this training is to make people aware of society and their surroundings. This training develops participants’ analytical abilities, how to assess and consider a problem and ways of addressing and solving it. It seeks to promote rational and clear thinking free of superstition and tradition. In doing so, it develops the self-confidence and self-respect of trainees and encouraged inner potential and strength to emerge.

The Charges of the Facilities



1. Conference Room (400 Seat,AC)


2. Training Room (42 Seat,AC)


1. Twin Bed VIP Room (AC, attahed washroom)


1. Single Bed VIP Room (AC, attahed washroom)


1. Dormitory Single Bed for trainees (common washroom)

4,00/-(per seat)


1.Computer Service and Internet Facilities

2.Overhead Projetor

3. Multimedia Projetor

4.Video Camera

5. Photocopy

Food Facilities

1.Food(Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea, Dinner)

2.Normal (Plain Rice, Vegetable, Fish, Egg, Dal, Salad)

3.Improved (Plain Rice, Vegetable, Meat, Fish, Egg, Dal, Salad)

4.Special(Pulao, Chicken Roast, Mutton, Vegetable, Egg, Salad, Soft drinks/yoghurt)